Please remember that we have very specific traffic patterns both in the morning and afternoon.  We are working very hard to be sure drop off and pick up is smooth, timely, and most of all safe.  Dropping off and picking up takes place at specific locations on property.  See the traffic map below for detailed information on traffic flow.

Dropping off and picking up at non designated spots, including in the middle of High Street is NOT permitted.  Moving cones, going through cones, or around cones on property is also not allowed.  Finally, pulling in behind buses while loading and unloading or around buses stopped on property should not happen.  Our School resource officer will be addressing drivers who stop traffic on High street to drop or pick up, move or go around cones, or interfere with our buses.  Please partner with us to follow our traffic patterns and help us ensure student safety. 

Map of district traffic flow that includes student drop off locations